tisdag 16 juni 2009

italia invading

Sitting at the cafe. Wow, sitting at 'my' cafe. Came in to do orders with our chef, but we have been invaded by what i guess is an Italian cruise ship staying in Flåm on day trip up to Voss. It's 'espresso', 'piccolo', 'grandi' and 'euro - si?!' all over the place and our, for the moment single toilet, has slightly impatient southern europeans lining up in front of its heavenly blue door. Sun is shining though, and the energy is good. Julian had to step in for language reasons, and since there isn't more room behind the counter and enough staff i'm sitting here observing, and - smiling :-).

The Grand Opening Party on Sunday was a success :-D. Feeling happy.

tisdag 9 juni 2009

casual cafe corners

This is probably how it will continue... a bloggpost once in awhile, with no regularity whatsoever. Not having spread this site to more than a few other blogger-friends, it almost feels like my own little space for adding some odd bits and pieces when the feel for it appears. I like that.

Now, the last couple of months have been full of planning and fixing for the opening of a cafe that has been in the thoughts of a few friends of mine and me since the fall. Last Saturday we opened, and it is with a lovely warm feeling that I enter the place for a take away coffee, or a sit-down with a paper and bowl of soup. It has such good atmosphere, and it's made with lots of heart and soul. It is a place for friends to meet, and for relaxing on your own if you please. Looking forward to time being spent there. Welcome.