tisdag 9 juni 2009

casual cafe corners

This is probably how it will continue... a bloggpost once in awhile, with no regularity whatsoever. Not having spread this site to more than a few other blogger-friends, it almost feels like my own little space for adding some odd bits and pieces when the feel for it appears. I like that.

Now, the last couple of months have been full of planning and fixing for the opening of a cafe that has been in the thoughts of a few friends of mine and me since the fall. Last Saturday we opened, and it is with a lovely warm feeling that I enter the place for a take away coffee, or a sit-down with a paper and bowl of soup. It has such good atmosphere, and it's made with lots of heart and soul. It is a place for friends to meet, and for relaxing on your own if you please. Looking forward to time being spent there. Welcome.

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